There is joy in suffering, talk about suffering

Author-Huang Qianshun

Peace, brothers, sisters and friends!

My name is Huang Qianshun. I moved to Texas in 2011. At the end of the same year, I participated in the group activities of Fu Ben Church.I was baptized on Easter 2013 and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

The topic I share today is: There is joy in suffering, let’s talk about suffering.What is suffering? Suffering is like natural disasters, war, cancer, etc.Generally speaking, it is very difficult to walk alone in suffering, and it is easy to suffer from depression if you are not careful.Now let me talk about my "suffering".Unfortunately, in 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; in 2019, the cancer in my body had metastasized to all the bones in my body, including the bone covering my head; and even more unfortunately, 6 months ago, My CT report showed that there are 3 tumors on my liver, the largest one was 5.5cm in the latest report, and there is another one on the spleen. This is my suffering.I often think that if I hadn’t known the Lord Jesus during this journey of suffering, I really don’t know how far I could have gone.But with the Lord Jesus walking with the brothers and sisters on this road, it is really a very different situation. (Matthew 8:17) He took my weaknesses and bore my diseases.In the midst of suffering, I have to learn to hold on to God’s promises and rely on Him, knowing that I have hope; God allows these to happen to me, and I believe that He must have His wonderful deeds in me. I was created to be glorified. God, thank you Lord!

I remember when I was just diagnosed with cancer, I cried so sadly. Knowing that suffering was about to happen to me, I was so worried that I would endure a lot of pain and die from the pain soon. I was so sad.On the way home, I felt God speaking to me: (Matthew 21:22) Whatever you ask for in prayer, just believe, and you will receive it.This verse really gives me a lot of comfort, thank you and praise the Lord!After I got out of the hospital, I immediately went home, closed the door, knelt down and prayed to God for peace.Our God is truly a covenant-keeping and loving God.After this prayer, I really felt a kind of peace in my heart that ordinary people could not imagine.I know very well that this is God’s work, and give glory to the Lord Jesus. (4 Corinthians 7:XNUMX) We have this treasure in earthen vessels to show that this great power comes from God, not from me.Since then, I have no fear because God lives in my heart.Many friends around me say: Qianshun, you are happy every time we see you; I always respond to them by saying thank you to the Lord, because my power comes from God.Thank you Lord!

I enjoy reading the Bible and praying.In the process of reading the Bible, I felt that God’s words have great power in my heart, and God’s joy also lives in me, because I often pray and ask the Lord Jesus to anoint me with the oil of joy. This is the love of God. .Because of His love on the cross, He was resurrected three days later, and my life has overcome death. Thank you Lord!

I remember that in 2019, when my cancer metastasized to the bones in my body, I was hospitalized because of dehydration.While I was in the hospital, many of my friends said to me: Qianshun, you will be in a lot of pain. One sister told me that her father had bone cancer before and died in pain.Thank God, I was neither afraid nor crying when I heard these words. There was a kind of peace in my heart.I came before God again and prayed: Lord Jesus, thank you that your peace is with me.People say that my illness will bring me a lot of pain, but Lord, I believe in you, and I will rely on you more wholeheartedly, because you are my God and my powerful healer.Remember that you were on the cross, you were whipped, shed precious blood, and there were nail marks in many places on your body; but you could ignore and endure this great pain.Lord, I ask you now, give me this power; if pain comes to me, please help me overcome it.Thank you and praise the Lord!Our God is a prayer-hearing God. He delights in and hears our prayers.

From 2019 to now, I have spent my time in peace. Thank God I have not experienced the pain that my friends around me have said.Maybe there is, but God has helped me carry it.Maybe there is, but the power the Lord has given me has helped me overcome and ignore it. Thank you and praise the Lord!

God is our provider and help in times of trouble, Amen! (Isaiah 43:1-2) Don’t be afraid!Because I redeemed you.I have called you by name, and you are mine.When you pass through the water, I will be with you; when you walk through the rivers, the waters will not overflow you; when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned, nor will the flames set you on fire.God’s Word gives me strength.I am grateful to the church and brothers and sisters. Because of their love, I have had many happy moments in the midst of tribulations; because I am not walking alone, but God and brothers and sisters are walking with me. Thank you Lord Jesus!During my radiotherapy, Elder Dong Shimin from the church often accompanied and comforted me in the radiotherapy area. He also helped me push my wheelchair. I thank God. I really feel that I am unworthy, but what God has given me is beyond my imagination.Although I was sitting in a wheelchair and covered with white hospital sheets, I didn't feel sad at all. Instead, I felt that I was really beautiful, as precious as a princess. God had given me the status of a noble.God allowed me to see many loving angels and helpers. God’s presence and the prayers and care of brothers and sisters made me content.

Dear friends, I invite you to follow the Lord Jesus now. People who have God are really happy.Finally, share a verse: (Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.thank God!This verse encourages me to participate in a lot of work in God’s family and take care of myself in times of trouble. Glory to the Lord!