Devotion Journey

Mona Lam

Born in Hong Kong, he came into contact with faith since he was a child but did not take root; in high school, when Uncle Qiao Hong went to school to preach, he formally decided to believe in the Lord. I settled in the United States with my husband’s family in 1993. Because my eldest son was easy to get angry, a parent introduced me to the church. Since 2004, we have been meeting at the Southwest Chinese Baptist Church. Both my sons were changed by the word of God, and I also participated. Fellowship.Because of my son’s extracurricular activities, I can’t concentrate on attending church worship every week, but I participate in Awanna and adult activities every Friday, and I also participate in Bible studies.

The child’s grandpa’s body has always been healthy. In 2008, we arranged with a friend to drive to the Florida Disney World for a trip. Grandpa needed to extract some tissues from the lungs for research. Due to the operator’s error, the grandpa’s lungs were punctured and he could not breathe immediately. The doctor immediately rescued him and finally transferred him to the ICU.We drove a company car to Florida at the time and couldn’t return right away. I was very scared. I kept praying for God’s healing and praying to God: "If Grandpa might recover, I will be baptized as a Christian immediately." I saw it when I arrived at the hospital. To my weak grandfather, he couldn’t bear to be tortured alone in the hospital. I took him home and took care of myself. By the grace of God, nine months later, my grandpa got better, and I was baptized in 2010. .

In 2012, I failed a minimally invasive surgery. The doctor broke one of my ureters and got up at least 4 times every night!I have to wait for two years, after the body and the urinary tube have recovered, I will have another major operation.After the operation, the brothers and sisters in the church gave me great encouragement and gave me the feeling of my family.I have always been willing to serve, and later helped in the Propaganda Department for four years and became a teacher in a Chinese school of the Church, where I told the children the gospel of God and prayed with them.Grandpa passed away in April 2014, but I did not preach the gospel to him. This is "my regret."Later I received training from Sanfu.

At the 2015 CMC Chinese Mission Conference, the Holy Spirit led me to dedicate myself to missions. I said to God: "Please send me! I am here." I made a new breakthrough that day, and I beg God to use me.After the next step in 2015, with spiritual growth and companionship, our five ladies support, encourage and pray for each other, and are now the best comrades in arms (spiritual warfare).Of course, the opportunity to participate in Kairos has opened my eyes to the worldview concept.I know that not only Houston and the United States are the only ones in the world, but we all need to go out and witness God.It makes me feel more fulfilled in my life, whether in the church or in the community.

Around 2017, I also received other equipment. God asked me to study in the distance course of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary for two years, during which I served in churches and other organizations, and hoped that God would lead me into the crowd to serve.In Houston, the Chinese Christian Gospel Organization shared the bible with elders and non-believers every week, and also served as the group leader of the Sihai Internet Bible Study Class.God arranged for me to study at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston. This is also my hope.I participated in two short-term missions to Panama in two years. I know that God not only wants me to go to this country, but he may arrange other ministries for me, especially to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).I decided to ask God, hoping that he would give me more different opportunities. I should make all people his disciple. I will love and touch other people with care and hobbies from God so that he can truly know the Lord Jesus. .

In January 2020, God opened the way for me to go to New York City's Evangelical Academy, which is different from other seminaries. It pays special attention to evangelism training that is in line with today's culture and society, and penetrates into the various needs of the community.The subjects in the college are static and dynamic, and both Bible study and practice are equally important. Learn to lead and arrange gatherings (including audio equipment), new media production (from interviews to finishing films), action plans (future direction of service), and preaching Internship, evangelistic methods, community pastoral evangelism, care, prayer station, blood donation, charity sale, fundraising, street evangelism, newspaper distribution, gospel cafe internship every afternoon, children’s ministry (online activity every Saturday), 1 Days Bible Paradise, care and assistance for special children (charity sale), to cultivate outstanding next generation (40-week parent course, internship, leading mentor) to help parents understand themselves, understand current social influences, children’s character, delimitation, and future development (personal values) -View of God), whether parents can find or return to the troubles will have a good relationship with God, and even lead people to believe in the Lord.Cancer Care and cancer friends care and pray on the phone, online activities every Thursday or large-scale lectures on Saturday.

Our graduation project is an artist performance. As the person in charge, I need to contact the performers, arrange the venue (frame layout) seats, number of people, invitations, advertising, brochures, gifts, food, rehearsal schedule, sound.Pre-event meetings, response to special circumstances, and post-event reviews have all benefited me a lot.

Family ministry is the direction of my future ministry. May God use me so that I can be a helper for parents and children, a salt and light for them, which can illuminate their inner world and influence their active participation in the school and the community. Activities also give the community positive energy and make good changes.We start to influence the world!