Experience and Review of the Course of "Cultivating the Next Generation of Excellence"

Mona Lam

Have the opportunity to lead, teachNurturing the next generation of excellence》 course, is my honor.During several leading sessions, there were parents from Asia, including friends from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Panama and France.Although they have different personalities, some are bright, lively, erudite, articulate, and some are more introverted, but due to the urgent need to nurture children, they are all willing to devote their efforts, energy and time to these thirteen on a course.The on-time attendance of the parents was very encouraging to me.Parents feel the needs of themselves and their children, so they are very serious and more willing to study hard. I am deeply grateful to them.

this"Nurturing the next generation of excellence"The course (Parent Course) is co-organized by the New York CCHC Mission and Focus on the Family. I started it in Houston a year ago to serve the needs of the local residents and also I have seen the fruitful results the parents have achieved.

Eastern parents encounter difficulties when teaching their children, and are often not used to or unwilling to talk about it openly.Therefore, it is formed that children are dissatisfied with their parents, or parents have great disgust with their children, and sometimes the confrontation between them becomes water and fire.

Although these 13 courses are relatively long, there will be rich experience in each course.At the beginning, you may not know or understand these 40 assets at all, but the learning of each lesson allows parents to absorb different experiences and knowledge. There are reviews and sharing.

The reception in the classroom is not one-way, but in an interactive form. There are case discussions, practical learning experience sharing, and books provided for special topics, so that parents can combine classroom and daily life for practice. An asset, more confidence and certainty, and teaching by example is more important than teaching, so that parents can become good role models for their children.

If you are a parent who has encountered difficulties or setbacks, please do not give up, try this course for the next generation, many people have benefited.I hope that I can serve more people and become a bridge between the "Excellent Next Generation Curriculum" and parents, and put it carefully for parents in need.

Feng Huizhen

        I've just finished the "New York Horns" Family MinistriesNurturing the next generation of excellence》Online workshop.
The most surprising part of the course was the second lesson – a reference to what kind of parent I am: my personality, worldview, background, struggles, fears, hopes, etc.When I want to jump into teaching methods or skills in a hurry, it turns out that I have to face my past, review the good and bad in the past, understand and accept myself, this is a good starting point to train the next generation.
        Of course, it is impossible for me to wait until I become perfect before I am qualified to be a child nurturer, because time waits for no one, and by relying on God, we parents can take the opportunity to learn and teach at the same time!
        Both daughters are grown up, but I can also apply what I have learned!In the past Thanksgiving and Christmas, they all came back to celebrate the festival.It's natural to recall what you've learned from the classroom - for example, being part of the family, they should be "invited" to participate in household chores such as cooking and cleaning after meals.In the past, I would not open my mouth, and always acted in a sullen manner.In fact, anytime, anywhere I can express support for them and enhance family communication (so that young people are willing to ask their parents for advice).I often share some of my spiritual and life experiences with people in fellowships or Bible studies. Why do I seldom share with my daughter?Thank God for the reminder through the workshop.Adult children still need appropriate parental care and advice (expressed skillfully)!
        The biggest shock of the workshop was the experience of God's grace and love for me and my two daughters!According to the forty "assets" mentioned in the manual for raising outstanding children, there are many things that my husband and I have overlooked, but now that my daughter is walking in the right direction, what should I give to God? Thanks!

Gao Yun

My review: If you don't know the needs of your child's healthy growth, and you only focus on the specific skills of raising your child, will it be possible for you to aimlessly and do nothing at all?I think Raising the Great Next Generation is such a course that parents can see the whole big picture.It broadens our horizons, gives us the opportunity to understand the influence of the family of origin on the parenting style of our parents, triggers us to think about the current parenting style from a new perspective, and learn from and inspire each other through the sharing of other students’ parents.We have learned that parenting should not only help children develop well, but also in a balanced way.This is what other parenting classes or books on the market lack.Our relationship with our children is also better, and the children are more confident.The whole family benefits!I really regret not attending sooner.


After taking this parent-child class, I was particularly impressed with the eighth lesson "Building Character".I learned that in order to teach my children well, I must first be a better example myself.It is better for children to observe their parents' actions than to tell them a hundred lessons.We only have eighteen years, and during this time, it is especially important to help our children develop the right attitude toward God.Teach them how to prioritize.For example, when children grow up, on Sunday, will they choose to go back to worship, or will they choose to have fun with friends or other entertainment?After studying in this class, I will try to pray for them more, hoping that they can experience God in person, instead of mechanically following their parents back to church activities.I understand that my parents' attitude toward God, their service, their devotion, and their relationship with other brothers and sisters are examples they can directly learn from.Here, I would also like to thank two teachers, Mona and Jean, for their careful teaching.

Wang Ming

Every parent wants to raise great children, and I am no exception.In parenting, there are times of joy, pride, and happiness, as well as a lot of self-blame and frustration.Thanks to the "Cultivate the next generation of excellence" course, I have the opportunity to examine the current situation of my family's education from the perspective of the outline, whether I have the "growth assets" to raise outstanding children, and start thinking about how to improve.

For the first time in this course, I was exposed to the concept of 40 growth assets, which was very refreshing.Although I attended many courses and lectures before this, I did not examine the lack or inadequacy of my own education from a macro perspective.For example, the support of adults other than parents in "External Assets", the importance of community activities and community service, family rules and boundaries... I don't pay enough attention to these aspects. Positive values, social competence, and positive identity are also aspects of "inner assets" that are overlooked in everyday life.Such a comprehensive review provides direction for future efforts to improve. After the general direction is determined, how to practice and improve in daily life becomes very important.In the classroom, parents provided specific examples of each family, shared each other’s experience and lessons, encouraged each other, and grew together.

Family education is a complex systematic project, and we cannot expect earth-shaking changes to take place in one course, but starting from ourselves, starting from now, starting from every specific thing learned in the classroom, we will eventually be farther from our dreams. come closer.I would like to thank Mr. Mona for her dedication to this course, thank Ms. Lin and Jean for their strong support, and thank each family for their candid sharing and patient listening, and thank the Lord for giving us such a fate to learn and grow together.Amen!

Francis Wong
So happy to be able to participate in thisNurturing the next generation of excellence" course, I benefited a lot from it.Thank you Mona and Jean for their careful teaching and giving me many ways to educate my children.During the course, I enjoyed the sharing of parents. Everyone exchanged their experience in caring for children. From the sharing, I learned how to discipline children. 40 assets are a very good parenting secret. I will make good use of these assets to nurture my children; In addition to the course, the teacher also provided a useful book "Fix Your Child in One Minute". What impressed me was that the book mentioned a family with 19 children, and the mother can take care of the children calmly and keep the house in good order. , I really want to know what's the secret?What I learned in this course has long-term effects. Some methods are suitable for children and some methods are suitable for young people. These can help me teach children in the future as they grow up.