Herald monthly

Herald monthly

The origin of horn ministry since 93Ms. Pan Liu WeiciI came to Houston with Pastor Pan and found that there are many free newspapers and magazines in the Chinese supermarket, but the monthly report is missing. Therefore, I contacted the editor of the New York Horn, Ms. Zhou, and was willing to help distribute XNUMX copies of the US East edition of the monthly report in Houston. .

After praying for two years, November 1995Texas version of the hornLaunched 2 copies, and currently distributes 5 copies per month (51 copies are issued worldwide), expanding the gospel to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, St. Louis, and Oklahoma , Alabama, California, New York, Brazil, Mexico, China, Taiwan, etc., so that all people can hear and see the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

In the past ten years, through the clarion call, the brothers and sisters of all Chinese churches in Houston have been inspired to work together to witness the love of Jesus Christ in the community, help the poor and needy people raise love funds, visit the needy, and support and comfort the sick.Master Pan Liuweici said: This is the ministry of the kingdom of God, thank you for giving me strength, our Lord Christ Jesus, because he is loyal to me, so he sent me to serve him.

Texas version of the hornHelped ten people in distress to raise funds with love: including Chen Minghui, Chen Weimin, Zhao Xiaoqing, Li Guo, Luo Jinai, Lin Huaimin, Liu Yang, Pastor Fang Zhihao, Yu Wenzhong, Li Ya, Xiao Min, Oze, Wu Xu and others .

Since July 1999, 7, Ms. Pan Liu Weici has served as a part-time co-worker in the Houston Branch of Horn Sound Texas. Many Christian volunteers are willing to participate in writing, sending and sending newspapers for the Lord.The annual budget is about 1 US dollars.I hope that people and churches can provide great support in prayer, text ministry, and financial dedication. Please make the cheque payable to CCHC and indicate the Texas version of the horn monthly report (tax deductible), orDonate online, May the glory be the true God!