Internet Game Addiction-Causes, Prevention and Treatment Intervention (Part XNUMX)

Author: Liu Caiyi, senior domestic youth mental health worker, specializing in adolescent Internet addiction and related research

Family Factors of Internet Addiction in Teenagers

To sum up, there are often characteristics such as parent-child communication barriers, disharmonious family atmosphere, and incomplete family structure.A safe and stable parenting environment is very important to a child's growth, because it symbolizes safety and trust, while an unstable parenting environment brings a sense of insecurity to children.In addition, children's sense of security and trust comes more from the establishment of an early attachment relationship with their parents, especially their mothers. Premature separation from their mothers can easily lead to negative feelings such as insecurity, mistrust, and abandonment in children.Intergenerational support, the more common situation is to put the child in the home of the older generation such as grandma and grandma, or the family of aunts and uncles.Or very young children are sent to kindergartens for full-time care.Or the parents are divorced, and the parents work and transfer around, and the learning and living environment is unstable. Such an environment is not conducive to the mental health of the child.

Under the idea of ​​exam-oriented education, parents only pay attention to their children's learning and physical or life, ignoring their emotional needs, not paying attention to their spiritual communication and exchanges with their children, and not paying attention to their children's social interactions.Some parents are responsive and obedient to their children's every request, and children tend to form self-centeredness and are keen on enjoyment and happiness.There are also parents who are simple and rude to their children, controlling every word and deed, and the children have no freedom at all.Indulgent and authoritarian education methods are not conducive to children's growth.

Adolescent children are eager to get rid of the shackles of their parents, and often conflict with their parents in terms of homework, housework, making friends and going out.Parents care about learning and health.And children want their parents to understand their own ideas.There is a difference between the two leading to a reason for not being able to communicate.On the other hand, parents are used to reasoning and preaching, which makes children disgusted.Even produce rebellious psychology.

Common family activities are a good opportunity to cultivate parent-child relationships. Many parents are forced by life pressure or focus on their own career development and success, and seldom spare time to play with their children.Sometimes children have nothing to do at home and find it boring, so they may choose to surf the Internet when they are bored or lonely.

Prevention of Internet Addiction among Teenagers

For developing teenagers, once they suffer from Internet addiction, it is really difficult to quit.Therefore, prevention is the best "vaccine" to treat adolescent Internet addiction.The society, schools and parents must use various channels of education and publicity, not only to let young people see the advantages of the Internet, but also fully see the serious harm it may bring to themselves.Help students develop a variety of interests and hobbies, actively guide young people to participate in various beneficial activities held by society and schools, and cultivate their own good interests and hobbies.At the same time, divert the attraction of online games and learn to relieve stress in a healthy way. Actively communicate with parents, teachers and classmates to gain spiritual comfort and growth.All-round supervision curbs teenagers from browsing unhealthy websites, and controls playing less or not playing online games.When the signs of Internet addiction appear, take effective measures immediately to prevent the occurrence of Internet addiction.

    Internet Addiction Prevention - What Parents Can Do

In the process of preventing Internet addiction, the family is the first front line, and the family is of great significance to the growth of teenagers.Including the following aspects:

(1) Understand the physical and mental characteristics of children and adolescents;

(2) Improve the family atmosphere and adjust the family upbringing style;

(3) Strengthen effective communication with young people;

(4) Make family rules;

(5) Help young people plan their lives.

Internet Addiction Treatment in Youth Psychological Growth Base

China's new regulations on online games in 2021 will significantly reduce the incidence of Internet addiction among young people. "According to the regulations of the State Press and Publication Administration, from September 2021, 9, all online game companies can only provide online game services to minors for one hour on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays from 1:20 to 21:1 every day. , at other times shall not provide online game services to minors in any form”

There are many differences between the United States and China, and the intervention measures are bound to be different.But we can gradually explore the American Internet addiction treatment model with reference to China's domestic model.Here I introduce the Chinese Internet therapy model.We have explored and practiced the network therapy model in China, which is a scientifically integrated, dynamic and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment model.Including medicine, psychology, education, day-to-day life arrangement like military training, and the "five-in-one" mode of social experience activities to achieve the therapeutic purpose of eliminating symptoms, improving personality, reducing recurrence, and restoring social functions.

The basic content of the "five in one" model:

1,Medical Treatment:Medical treatment is the basic treatment for Internet addiction intervention. When an individual has physical symptoms or mental symptoms, measures such as drug treatment, physical therapy, and physical and mental care must be implemented in a timely and reasonable manner.

2,Psychotherapy:Psychotherapy focuses on the basis of medical treatment, takes the group, family, and individual as the treatment perspective, integrates various psychotherapy techniques, stimulates the motivation of patients to seek help, guides the establishment of positive life goals, and achieves the perfection of personality and psychology.

3,health education:Health education refers to the establishment of health education courses aimed at the characteristics of physical and mental development of Internet addicted teenagers, so that patients can better understand themselves, accept themselves, and cherish life.

4,Military training and sports:Military training is to formulate training content and intensity according to the patient's physical and mental conditions, and impart military knowledge, so as to standardize the daily life of the patient, exercise physical fitness, and enhance willpower, discipline, and sense of responsibility.

(Editor's note: There are also relativeHolistic Healing Center:Receive regular all-round training in the treatment center, and learn to adapt to life without electronic products in terms of healthy diet, exercise, social groups and psychology, allowing them to try the colorful world outside of electronic products and develop their inner potential . )

5,Social experience activities:According to the characteristics of the patient's family structure and poor communication ability, organize the patient to participate in various social experience activities, provide opportunities for situational experience, truly perceive real life, enhance the courage to face life directly, and exercise the skills to deal with difficulties.

Misunderstanding of internet addiction

1. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that Internet addiction is a purely ideological problem, using a single preaching

2. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that Internet addiction is a psychological problem and refusing drug treatment

3. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that Internet addiction treatment should be effective immediately, lacking patience and perseverance

4. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that Internet addiction is only a problem for children, and parents do not need to participate

5. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that quitting Internet addiction means prohibiting Internet access, and adopting extreme methods.

6. Misunderstanding XNUMX: Thinking that Internet addiction is just a single problem, and there is no need for personality integration