Internet Gaming Addiction Resources for Parents

Tan Ling

In March, we had over 3 participants join our "Internet Gaming Addiction" workshop online.According to the Pew Research Center, 300 percent of U.S. teens own a video game console at home, and 84 percent say they spend too much time playing video games.With the rise of mobile gaming in the last decade, more and more young people are now playing video games on their phones.

Experts in child psychology claim that early exposure to smartphones in childhood can negatively affect normal brain development.Adolescents who are addicted to online gaming and other forms of social media may show symptoms of isolation, poor health and hygiene, irritability and low self-esteem.Thankfully, there is hope for recovery and prevention of gaming addiction.Anthony Rosner and others have recovered from gaming addiction by recognizing the negative consequences and choosing to have a healthier relationship with gaming.His documentary details his recovery journey and IRL2.0 can be found on YouTube.

Myles Schutte, a local Houston youth consultant, LPC (Licensed Professional Consultant) from Judah Christian Consulting, also has some great advice for parents on how to help their teens become addicted to gaming.He said the first step is to look inward.The Bible tells us that before we try to remove the speck from someone else's eye, we must first examine the beam in our own eye.It goes back to parents - how often in their lives do they go online?At work, at home, how are they doing with their phone, email, social media, and TV?Similar to their teens?Parents can lead by example and ensure that their own online habits are healthy and balanced.

If you want to hear the opinions of experts in detail, please visit our websitewww.ccchhouston.orgWatch "Lecture Review".

In this article, we want to share a list of helpful resources from our March workshop that can help the whole family maintain healthy online habits during the summer.

Internet filtering system

Circle is an internet filtering system for the whole family.The system can filter and block apps on any phone that relies on a home wifi connection.It helps block inappropriate online content.It can also set time limits for specific apps like YouTube, mobile gaming, and social media.This filtering system offers monthly or annual paid subscriptions.Parents can learn more about Circle at

screen time contract

A screen time contract is a written agreement between a parent and child.The agreement describes the expected behavior and rules that teens will follow in exchange for parental privileges granted to use a specific screen device, such as a cell phone, laptop or tablet.Such rules could include "no phone calls during family meal times" and "no inappropriate language or content in text messages or social media accounts".The agreement also clearly explains the consequences of failing to meet expectations.Signing such an agreement between the child and the parent prevents unnecessary arguments about screen use.Working together as a family to write screen time contracts can also teach good communication and teamwork skills between parents and children.This website shows how to contract screen time with your child:

Hobbies and Alternative Activities

One of the best strategies for overcoming online gaming addiction is to find other fun hobbies that don't rely on screen time.These hobbies include sports, outdoor activities, board games, puzzles, and reading. offers an interactive website that families can visit together to find old and new hobbies that each family member can enjoy individually or together.Challenge with your family and have each member find 1-3 new off-screen hobbies they can try this year!Find the list here:

Educational Videos

Our pre-recorded March seminar "Online Video Game Addiction" is now available for public viewing on our website workshops as a family can help children and parents discuss family ideas to try to improve relationship intimacy and prevent or reduce Internet addiction in the family.A recent podcast with Faithful & True Christian Ministries also documented a helpful and educational segment on video game addiction.The video is available on YouTube at the following link:

Parent Support Group

If you are a parent trying to help your child or teen become addicted to online gaming, please sign up for a parent support group at parents can apply for a counseling appointment online and enter the "Parent Support Group" as a "reason for counseling" to sign up.

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