Nurturing the next generation of excellence

 ~Student response 

Lin Meijun

The RHCK "Cultivating the next generation of excellence" hosted by the Christian Horns Mission and the American Family Love Association has been in New York for two years from 2020-2022, with 120 parents participating.The courses are taught in Chinese and Cantonese respectively.Thirteen courses per term.The first session will be held at the Southwest Chinese Baptist Church in Houston from March to May this year, and the second session will be held at the Horn Sound Community Center in Houston from June to August. 

"Cultivating the next generation of excellence" is a course for parents. During the current epidemic, it provides new opportunities for you, your spouse and children to communicate with each other. I, Lin Meijun, specially made some brief introductions to this course. "Cultivating the next generation of excellence" teaches 40 assets, which are divided into intrinsic assets and extrinsic assets. 

External Assets: Support; Empowering Children; Boundaries and Expectations; Constructive Use of Time, etc. 

Intrinsic Assets: Commitment to Learning; Positive Values; Social Competence; Positive Identity, etc. 

From new parents to grandparents, grandparents or grandparents can participate in the learning together.Because today's parent-child education has a lot to learn besides the former tiger mothers and helicopter parents.Acceptance and support for children is very important.How to always give affirmative words to children and family members, so that they can enjoy full love.Not only can have strong self-confidence, but also willing to serve others.Whether it is the improvement of family, community, school, community or the whole society, it all starts from a small change.I hope you are brave enough to take the first step today.Then, other people can also be motivated to respond.Happiness does not come by chance, people must work hard to make some efforts for themselves and the future. 

Here are the voices of several parents who participated in Raising the Great Next Generation :  

Carol H, 

I think RHCK's course for cultivating the next generation of excellence is very good, and I hope you can continue to lead and benefit more people.You asked me before, which one of the thirteen lessons was the most profound.I think it's the second lesson: one's own family of origin.Because everyone in their own family has a different education and growth environment, and experiences and encounters different difficulties.Every parent is always burdened with their own hurts, failures, pride, complacency and struggles or talents, hard work, strengths, good traditions, etc. 

In this course, you can analyze yourself once again, and you can even let go of your difficulties after talking about it.When we clearly understand which aspect of ourselves needs improvement, it helps us to improve in this aspect, otherwise, we always fail to understand ourselves. 

It is very important that someone listens.Group sharing, discussion and talk are my favorite parts. It feels very good. Some of them have the same opinion and some have different opinions.Everyone has a good gain.So I hope other parents can take the courage to participate and learn for themselves and their children. 


Thanks to the teachers Mona, Louis and Connie for their selfless efforts, they taught the students how to face the problems of their children, and made a number of suggestions based on their own experience, which benefited the students a lot. 

The learning of the XNUMX assets is beneficial to themselves and to helping children. In the course, a realistic story will be interpreted in groups; students will be involved in role-playing for their children, so as to better understand their children's feelings at that time.Then, parents can share and encourage each other with more understanding. 

May more students become a bigger team under the leadership of the mentor, influence life with life, make more families have more changes, become joyful and peaceful, walk with God, and may God bless every mentor and student. 


Dear Janie, Mona & Karen and fellow classmates of the 3rd RHCK nurturing the next generation of excellence: 

Hi everybody, I'mGuoXFall:, I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the 3rd "Cultivating Excellent Next Generation" study, although it will end in just 13 weeks, I have some harvests to share with you: 

1) Originally, I only knew the importance of nurturing the next generation, but I did not study it systematically. This period of study made me understand and realize that there are 40 assets in the process of human growth that can help people grow up healthily. These 40 assets are not only useful for educating children, but are important for everyone including us adults. 

2) I am a grandmother-level student. I participated in this class because my grandson is over one year old. In order to better cooperate with my daughter and give the child the best growth environment, I came to participate in this class. The guidance and guidance of the teachers, the interaction with the classmates, especially learning the ideas and practices of young people, have allowed me to find many ways to improve my past experience. Now the course is about to end, but we can bring back these 40 Assets are practiced at home and set an example for children at all times 

3) Here, we have come to know and appreciate many things. What we still can’t solve is to hand over all our burdens and troubles to our Heavenly Father. We just need to come close to and rely on Him, and believe that the almighty Lord Jesus will lead us on a bright path. 


I am very happy to be able to participate in the learning course for cultivating the next generation. Through the careful and patient explanation and leadership of the tutors, as well as the mutual sharing between the students, I have gradually filled my own shortcomings. This will help me teach my children in the future. play more help.I hope more parents will be exposed to the "Next Generation" course in the future!grateful! 


Thank you to the instructors who taught the course and the horns that held the course: 

This course made me realize the importance of accompanying children in their growth, and gave me the opportunity to learn how to communicate with children well. I saw the active participation of my classmates and seniors, and the open-hearted exchanges in the course made me Got a lot of encouragement.In the future, when I encounter troubles in educating my children, I can also open my heart to communicate with my family and friends, express my feelings, and listen to the ideas of others, so that my thoughts will not be one-sided. , and have the courage to face difficulties positively and positively.Looking forward to more courses like this that teach learning. 



Thank you very much to Mrs. Sarah and Janie, Mona & Karen of the Horned Family Ministries, for your earnest leadership and teaching, and your meticulous patience in teaching and leading each of our students, all parents and children, so that everyone has the blessing of Jehovah Full! Thank God! Because He has unspeakable gifts!Hallelujah!All glory and praise to the Lord! Thank the Lord!Amen!