About our team

Co-workers Directory

  • Director of Texas: Liu Xu Leping nancy
  • director: Liu Xu Leping nancy
  • Lily Lam (Counselling Service Officer, Contract Co-worker)
  • Joy Pan (Clarion Texas Edition-Part-time Staff)
  • Shi Liang Guobing Tina See (Planning Director, Contract Co-worker)
  • Mona Lam (Intern Missionary)

Houston Planning Committee

  • Liu Xu Leping nancy (Planning Committee, Treasurer and Fundraising)
  • Cecilia Chang (Planning Committee, Treasurer and Fundraising)
  • Paul Lo (Planning Chairman)
  • Zeng Huilan Ellen Tseng (Planning Committee, Office Information Technician)
  • Anthony Ho (Planning Committee, Internet Operator)
  • Wang Xiaoming Sam Hsao Ming Wang (Planning Committee)
  • Judy Yung (Planning Committee)